A Tiny Beautiful Something

Today, instead of hitting up happy hour, Allison and I cracked open A Tiny Beautiful Something from Maine Beer Company. I’ve tried several of their beers at this point and they never cease to amaze. I’m legitimately trying to plan a trip to Maine in the near future to visit them. They seem like dope people. ANYWAYS…onto the beer.

tiny beaut

Upon the first, ice cold sip, Allison noticed a tang from the slight citrus presence, but once we sat down and started really tasting (and talking) the flavors through, that’s when shit got real. A Tiny Beautiful Something is a pale ale, but it ain’t your regular pale ale. When this brew first hits your tongue it has a bitter hop presence, but as the sip lingers in your mouth the hop flavor fades into a wheaty smooth finish. It truly has two different waves of flavor AND BABY, WE INTO IT. In all honesty it reminds me of a session IPA and a perfect summer day. A Tiny Beautiful Something is truly something of beauty.

Cheers to classes ending and summer coming!



2 thoughts on “A Tiny Beautiful Something

  1. Cool bottle and I enjoyed your vivid description. Will you bring one home for tasting? And a Harpoon? Love.

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