Parkway Brewing Company

Last Thursday I met our parents for a beer at Parkway Brewing Company. Maddy has been interning at Parkway since January, and we were excited to finally visit a place we’ve heard so much about.

photo 5-1

Parkway was happening! Friends took advantage of the gorgeous spring weather and gathered on the patio for a birthday party. Hot Stones Pizza, a food truck out of Smith Mountain Lake, sold wood-fired pies that looked (and smelled!) delicious.

photo 4-2

Inside, the Adam Markham Duo played upbeat covers on the stage up front. The space is pretty industrial, but long wooden tables, walls covered in artwork, and several big armchairs make it cozy as well. Now, on to the main event: the beer!

photo 1-4

I only had eyes for the Get Bent, which has become my go-to IPA as it’s started popping up on beer lists across the state. The Get Bent is a west coast-style IPA with lots of citrusy hops. It’s light-bodied and very easy to drink; in fact, my pilsner-loving dad will grab a Get Bent if my parents run out of Corona.

photo 2-4

My mom ordered the Bridge Builder (above left), Parkway’s Belgian-style blonde ale, and my dad had one of their newer brews, the Majestic Mullet Krispy Kolsch (above right). Both beers were light and refreshing, nice compliments to the crisp spring afternoon.


I have yet to try a Parkway beer that I don’t like, but my second favorite thing about the brewery is their labeling. As Maddy and I have mentioned many times, we’re suckers for cool labels, and Parkway’s are truly works of art. They’re designed by the brewmaster’s wife (talented couple, right?) and feature vibrant colors and illustrations that cleverly depict the name of each beer. We all got a kick out of the Majestic Mullet label…


All in all, we had a lovely afternoon at Parkway and can’t wait to return. Keep up the good work, Parkway! We’re stoked that you’re helping make SWVA a craft beer powerhouse.



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