Port City


During the last hours of our D.C. excursion Maddy’s dreams became a reality when she finally got to visit Port City. We were among the first customers in the brewery when they opened on Sunday, and were greeted by the always-charming Port City staff. We all decided to order our own flights, which cost a mere $10 for 2+ pints of beer! (If you haven’t already, be sure to read our post about Port City’s clever take on flights.) The Optimal Wit was spectacular as usual, and other stand outs were the Tartan Ale, the Colossal One (a Belgian Imperial Stout), and the Porter. The Tartan Ale, one of Port City’s spring seasonals, is a traditional Scottish Ale. The most noteworthy thing about this Scottish Ale is the mildness of the malt flavor, which is balanced by the presence of hops.


The Colossal One was the surprise winner of the tasting.  It was brewed to celebrate Port City’s one year anniversary and is now an “Occasional Brew.” We were impressed by the smoothness of this slightly-thick Belgian Imperial Stout. The beer contains notes of espresso and dark chocolate, but neither flavor overwhelms the palate. It is truly a well-rounded creation.


One thing that makes Port City stand out is that it has the industrial feel of the typical brewery, but offers a bright, comfy, tasting room to boot. It’s one of the only breweries we’ve visited that took the time to create a tasting room that you actually want to hang out in. We took our glasses over to a rustic wooden table close to the TV, and were able to catch the UVA game while sampling.


One wall is covered with newspaper clippings about Port City’s history, and another sports a large chalkboard listing Port City events and every location in Virginia where their beer is on tap.


As we were leaving, Maddy made her first growler purchase: a glass, screw top, Port City growler filled with Optimal Wit! Needless to say, it was empty by Tuesday night. 😉 Port City more than lived up to her extremely high expectations.

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