Reader’s Choice

Good evening, beer lovers! We’re always flapping our gabs about beers that we’ve tried/liked/loved/less than loved, and being the loyal readers that you are, you bear with our ramblings. Now we want to hear from you! What’s your favorite beer of all time?  What’s a particularly delicious brew that you’ve had lately? What’s something you’ve been wanting to try, but haven’t gotten around to? We’ll be your guinea pigs! Based on your comments we’re going to create a Reader’s Choice beer tasting this weekend and do a full write up on six of your suggestions. Don’t be shy! There are no wrong answers here. Well, okay…Bud Light is the wrong answer. We look forward to hearing from you!


10 thoughts on “Reader’s Choice

  1. BLL?? Haha. Just kidding! As you know, I like to choose my alcohol based on name, so how about Citra Ass Down! IPA? Sounds fun, right? I imagine it will taste fun, too. I know the Barley Babes are IPA lovahs, so I was on the hunt for one of those with a fun name. Of course, I also wouldn’t mind if you tasted/reviewed a fruity, light beer that is “Nikki friendly,” as Kish would say.

  2. I would love to try White Wing, a Belgian White by Shiner. I love Star Hill Love on tap (at Mellow) of course. The Port City White Wit is good. I am growing! Remember how I LOVED Bud Light Wheat and cried when it went away.

    • We are so proud and happy to see you trying new beers! Bud light wheat was good stuff, but now you have no need to cry because you are discovering so many new beers! Keep drankin pammy 🙂

    • I bought some White Wing last night and your dad and I had a tasting with our friends, Mike and Kathy Waller. Kathy and I really liked and will be drinking on the South Veranda this summer. Light, crisp Belgian White-good stuff.

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