For Bryan

This week Rachel gave me the “task” of finding a good wheat beer for my Uncle Bryan and Aunt Monica. They are currently in Nicaragua and experiencing wheat beer withdrawal. Being the drunk overachiever that I am, I found not one, but TWO great choices. Let’s get to it then!


First up we have Troegs’ DreamWeaver. This is a damn good hefeweizen. It’s yeasty with a bold banana profile and a nice clove flavor that lingers at the end. As with most wheat beers there were also notes of citrus, but the banana is really what steals the show. I found the body on this baby to be spot on; it was just thick enough, and I was able to create a really nice head by following Troegs’ pouring instructions. This beer is brewed using open-top fermentation, meaning that while the beer is fermenting the freshest yeast rises to the top of the tank and actually spills over into a collection tank. By taking that potent, fresh yeast from the collection tank and reusing it in the next batches of the brew, they are able to create more intense clove and pepper flavors. Not too shabby, beer babes, not too shabby.


Now, for the Bräuweisse from Ayinger. Rated outstanding on BeerAdvocate, highly reccomended by workers at the Cellar 6-PAK Store, and now one of my new favorite wheat beers, this is the beer to try if you’re a wheat beer lover. Describe it in one word, you say? Smooth. Delectable. Balanced. Oh shit…was that 3 words? Sue me. There is a nice citrus tang in the first taste, followed by yeasty wheat. You can definitely pick up on hints of clove and banana, too. The carbonation was just enough to give this brew a bite, and a pretty sweet foamy head. Added bonus: the cap is literally a work of art. I give this German import two thumbs up, and if it means anything to you, I’ve already gone back to pick up another bottle.





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