Two Old Folks Visit Wolf Hills Brewing Company

On our parents’ annual Valentine’s Day trip to Abingdon, VA this weekend, we decided to give them a little assignment Last year they happened upon Wolf Hills Brewing Company in downtown Abingdon and came back raving about the beers and the atmosphere. Knowing that they planned to return this year, we asked them to write a review of the brewery for the blog, and voila! We present to you our first guest post:


First, let us describe the setting. Like many contemporary breweries, Wolf Hills is situated in a former industrial site, this one being an old ice house in Abingdon. Its location at 350 Park Street is slightly hidden, but just go to the fire station one block off Main and turn left. The exterior is quite unassuming, and you at first wonder if you have found the right spot. When you crack open the door, your questions are answered.

The interior is warm, vibrant, and welcoming. This was our second visit to the brewery, and many improvements were evident: new overhead heating, an improved stage, and attractive artwork. While the crowd was primarily young hipsters, it contained a nice mix of old and young, casual and carefully dressed, and everything in between. It was crowded, but we moved easily to the bar and made our selections.


Pam ordered the White Blaze Honey Cream Ale (5%), and she thoroughly enjoyed. The Ale had an attractive golden hue, and the honey highlighted, but did not overwhelm, the beer’s crisp, drinkable flavor. Dad tried the Creeper Trail Amber Ale (5.5%), and it certainly fulfilled his bicycling ambitions. It was slightly dark, but the taste improved as he rapidly drained the glass.

The doddering old folks highly recommend Wolf Hills to the BB’s and all other beer drinkers.


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