The Optimal Saturday

While visiting college friends this weekend I got the chance to go to Port City Brewing Company, a brewery in Alexandria that Maddy and I have been dying to visit. My friends and I ventured there on Saturday afternoon for beers and a tour, and were greeted by a huge crowd of beer lovers and an extremely welcoming Port City staff. I finally tried the Monumental IPA and my girlfriends got the Optimal Wit. I admit that I was a bit…forceful in recommending the wit, 😉 but they both thought it was delicious.


My friend Matt, who has been to Port City several times, ordered a flight, which gave me a chance to observe the brewery’s smart take on flights. Instead of serving you 6 beer samples on an unwieldy paddle, you get one flight glass and six tickets. Once you’ve finished sampling each beer you take your glass to the bar and hand over a ticket to try another. You don’t have to hold a full flight of beers in a crowded brewery, or worry about the beers at the end of the flight getting warm, and you can easily take your brew along for the tour!


On a quick tour of the brewery an entertaining Port City employee talked about their brewing and bottling process, and even poured beer samples straight from the conditioning tank. How’s that for fresh? Back in the tasting room I finished off the last of my Monumental IPA. The tour guide emphasized that Port City strives to use the highest-quality ingredients possible to make beers that are true to their style. I could definitely taste this with the Monumental IPA. It doesn’t have any especially adventurous or standout flavors, but it’s well-balanced, easy to drink, and tasty. Matt also gave me one of his tickets so I could try the porter, his favorite Port City brew. Guess what? Another winner. The smokey, smooth, porter has notes of coffee and cocoa, and is the perfect choice for a cold day. All in all Port City definitely lived up to my high expectations. Next time I visit I’ll be sure to a) bring Maddy (obviously) and b) grab lunch from The Big Cheese, the grilled cheese food truck often parked outside!



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