Beer Gifts for Your Beloved

Valentine’s Day is next week, and whether you’re shopping for your significant other, best friend, or older sister, 😉 beer gifts are a fun and cost-effective option. Read on for some gift ideas for the beer lover in your life!

Custom 6-Pack
You can build a 6-pack at most beer shops (like here, here, and here) and some grocery stores (Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s, among others). If you know what kind of beer the person you’re shopping for likes, pick out a few well-reviwed brews of that variety. To make it really special select beers from places you’ve visited together, or with romantic names (Starr Hill Love). This also works when building an anti-love 6-pack for your best friend who just went through a break up (Stone Arrogant Bastard, Flying Dog Raging Bitch).


Gift Card to Local Beer Shop

If you know don’t know what kind of beer your Valentine enjoys, you can’t go wrong with a gift card to a local beer shop. For Christmas I got my brother a gift card to this well-stocked, NYC establishment and he picked out several new brews to try. While it’s wonderful to receive a thoughtfully compiled 6-pack, building your own on someone else’s dime is pretty damn fun too.

Growler filled with Goodness
Growlers are a more environmentally-friendly way to drink your favorite brew (almost) straight from the tap. If your Valentine doesn’t own a growler you can purchase one for around 10-15 dollars at most breweries, many restaurants, and even some grocery stores. Then, go ahead and fill it with that special someone’s favorite beer, or something you’ve both been wanting to try (the latter guarantees sharing).


Engraved Beer Glass
This gift reminds the receiver just how much you love them every time they use it. I got Maddy and Allison pint glasses engraved with DMB lyrics for their 21st birthdays, and they were quite a hit! Many vendors on Etsy sell customizable beer glasses that can be purchased individually or as a set.

Personalized Beer Flight Paddle
Our very thoughtful mom got us personalized “BitchBeers” beer paddles for Christmas, and they have taken our tastings to the next level! The paddle below was a seasonal item from Garnet Hill, but you can also find this thoughtful gift on Amazon and Etsy.


This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to beer gifts. What about a home-brewing kit, Beer of The Month Club subscription, or copy of Beer for Dummies? Go big! If your Valentine is a beer lover, they’re worth it 😉


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