Brooklyn’s Finest

If our day in Brooklyn was the best day of the trip, the hour spent at Radegast Hall & Biergarten might have been the best hour of the trip. We’re not even sure if we can convey to you how cool this place is.

Image taken from CNT Traveler

See what we mean? Radegast sports a huge biergarten, live music, and an impressive tap list, but the thing we liked most is that it still manages to feel cozy. After a hectic day of sightseeing our intimate booth at Radegast was the perfect refuge. We split a big ass soft pretzel with honey mustard dipping sauce and relaxed over tasty beverages. Their mulled wine was a much needed remedy for Maddy’s sore throat, and Allison described her shandy as one of the best drinks she’s ever had.

photo 1

Thanks to our brother Ed for introducing us to this Brooklyn gem! Live music, great food, and tons of beers just waiting to be tried make this the kind of place we could see ourselves going every week.  The next time you’re in Brooklyn we highly recommend grabbing a drink (and a pretzel) at Radegast.


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