Blonde Moment


On Thanksgiving Eve we finally tried the American Blonde Ale, a beer that our uncle gave us back in October, and we can honestly say that it was unlike any blonde ale we’ve ever had. The high carbonation is immediately noticeable when opening and pouring the beer, and when you take a sip the bubbles actually fizzle against your lip. The first taste was unimpressive (Maddy compared it to drinking a Miller Light), but the flavor complexity increased with consecutive sips, and some tasters highlighted a distinct lemon presence.

photo 3

One thing that we can’t stress enough about this beer is its high level of carbonation. It’s almost like drinking a blonde ale or wheat beer with a splash of champagne (a beermosa, if you will). Unfortunately this really turned Maddy off, but most other tasters ultimately found it to be pleasant, and the carbonation is primarily what makes this brew so light and crisp. Maddy was really excited for this beer because, as usual, she loved the art work (she admits that maybe it was the hot blonde). We decided that this would be perfect for the beer lovers on New Years Eve: light, heavily carbonated, but without the sweetness of champagne.



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