Nice Day for a White Wedding

Much to our delight Charlottesville has a new place to drink beer work, Three Notch’d Brewing Company. We kicked off Maddy’s Thanksgiving break by grabbing a beer there with our friend Caitlin, and were impressed by the cozy atmosphere (exposed brick, chalkboard wall, soft lighting) and innovative take on flights. Rachel had already tried a few of their beers and really likes the Belgian Tripel and Double IPA, but what really stole our hearts on Friday was the White Wedding White Ale.


The White Wedding reminds us of Blue Moon, but isn’t as heavy. It has a strong citrus presence, which could be masking the chamomile finish mentioned on the menu. A keg of this would be the perfect excuse to blow off class (or work) on a Friday, throw on your shades, and kick back on the roof. Plus, it was designed specifically for the brewmaster’s new wife…how cute is that?


If you’re looking for us this winter you can find us hunkered down at Three Notch’d sipping on a White Wedding…or two…or three 😉



4 thoughts on “Nice Day for a White Wedding

  1. I have been Three Notch’d a couple of times, and there are a pretty good brewery. White Wedding is muy deliciouso! Y’all have good taste

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