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Last weekend we roadtripped to South Carolina with our sister Riley for a Third Eye Blind concert. Seeing our favorite band together for the first time was an unforgettable experience. The setlist was great, the crowd was really energetic, and the music was perfection. As usual we used the concert as an excuse to try new beers. Some we chose because of lyrics, others because their names contain “Third” or “Eye,” and one hails from San Francisco, where the band originated. Behold, our 3EB inspired tasting:

Tröegs Sunshine Pils- Tröegs knows what’s up (Mad Elf post soon to come). Their Sunshine Pils has a pleasant golden hue, lemon notes, and tastes like a less bitter Corona. Although we’re attempting to ban ourselves from using the word “refreshing,” this is the definition of refreshing, dangit!  We recommend drinking it alone or pairing with something mild because pungent foods rob this beer of its subtle flavors.

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Legend Golden IPA- According to BeerAdvocate this was the lowest rated selection on our list (come on, Virginia!) and we ultimately agreed. A nice little twinge of a honey is present in the first sip, but the bitterness lingers too long, and the flavor left on the palate is strangely reminiscent of a low-quality lager. Initially the taste is pleasing, but then all of the sudden it feels like you’re drinking a Bud Light. Strange.


Lagunitas Lucky 13 Red Ale- This is the first red ale we’ve tried together! The 8.6% ABV gave us a bit of a head rush, but actually the taste isn’t overly boozy. The sweet smell is immediately apparent, and upon tasting we identified caramel or maybe butterscotch flavors in addition to heavy malt. Maddy isn’t normally a huge fan of malt, but the more she drank of this beer the more she liked it.


Ballast Point Big Eye IPA- It’s official: I’m in love with Ballast Point. After trying their Scuplin a few weeks ago I was psyched to try this, and I actually think I like it even more! The Big Eye is an incredibly well balanced IPA. It’s not too hoppy or too bitter, and the citrus holds its own (we detected lemon in particular, which reminded me of the Scuplin’s grapefruit undertones). Maddy notes that this would pair nicely with a burger.


21st Amendment He Said Belgian-Style Tripel- Our only canned selection was the unanimous winner of the tasting. The guys at Market Street Wine Shop really talked up this tripel brewed with pumpkin, and we were right to trust them. You can smell the pumpkin upon first pour but it isn’t overpowering. It’s very different from other pumpkin brews, which tend to be thicker and richer. Instead this tastes just like a whit beer with a hint of pumpkin; it’s light without compromising the flavor. This is Maddy’s new #1 favorite pumpkin beer, and it really mades us want to try the He Said Baltic-Style Porter.


Bells Third Coast Old Ale- We don’t have as many notes  for this because we were drinking it as we rushed out the door to catch a cab and go to dinner. The Third Coast is syrupy and thick looking when poured, and has flavors of caramel and dark fruit in addition to a strong alcohol presence due to being a barley wine. Although we know that coming from Bell’s this must be fantastic, we weren’t really feeling it at the time. One thing is for certain: it reminded us of the importance of putting the strongest beer last…

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