A Refreshing Frivolity


This post is long overdue. Our friend Allison ordered this beer at Now and Zen at the end of summer and raved about it. A few weeks later I discovered a lonely six-pack of Good JuJu at Market Street Wine Shop and snagged a couple for us to try. Maddy had hers weeks ago, and I finally drank mine this past Friday (clearly I have NOT been pulling my weight in this collaboration). I think I was putting it off because ginger beer is not my thing. I expected it to be extremely light and to produce that uncomfortable, throat burning sensation that non-alcoholic ginger beers often do. This beer is light, but it’s still flavorful, and most importantly for me the ginger is present, but doesn’t burn going down. I would never choose this on the reg, but it was drinkable, refreshing, and the appropriate accompaniment to a spicy Greek salad. I would love to pair the Good JuJu with a freshly prepared sushi roll topped with wasabi. In fact, next time I’m at Now and Zen I think I’ll do just that. What did you think, sis?


As a girl who considers herself to be a ginger enthusiast (possibly the understatement of the year), I was stoked to drink this beer. It’s the first ginger beer I’ve ever tried and it didn’t let me down one bit! In fact, if I could find it in Blacksburg, the Good Juju would become a staple in my fridge. Side note to Rachel: talking about drinking this at Now and Zen without me WILL MOST DEFINITELY get you taken off my Christmas list. Moving on…this beer had just the right amount of carbonation, and this is coming from someone who literally cannot drink soda because the carbonation is overwhelming. As Rachel mentioned, the JuJu is light, fresh, and finishes with the perfect ginger aftertaste. Fun fact: while examining the bottle (which has some sick art work and is now on display in my room) I saw that it’s brewed with water from the Rocky Mountains. I think I’ll let Left Hand sum it up for me: Quit yor’ bitchin’ an’ get to witchin.’ Cheers!


2 thoughts on “A Refreshing Frivolity

  1. Love, love, love this post!! Rach, I’ve been waiting for your take on the good juju! Hopefully maddy and I will find it in Blacksburg because it definitely needs to be a staple in our fridge. Xoxo

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