Wild Wolf Wednesday

A couple of Wednesdays ago I went to Market Street Wine Shop’s weekly beer tasting featuring Wild Wolf Brewing Company. I knew that two of my favorite Wild Wolf selections, the Blonde Hunny and Alpha Ale, were on the tasting list, but I was mostly there to try the White Wolf, their wheat based IPA. The Wild Wolf website describes the White Wolf as having, “Strong citrus notes on the nose leading into a slightly sweet taste, then finishing with the hop bitterness characteristic of an American IPA.” Say whaaaaat??? I couldn’t wait to try.


Does that look like 70 IBUs to you? Can’t judge a book by its cover! The White Wolf is refreshing, yet flavorful, light, but hoppy. It’s the kind of beer that you could easily drink a few of during happy hour on a warm fall afternoon, and at 5% ABV it wouldn’t even be that dangerous. I’m a fan of witbiers and a diehard lover of IPAs so this baby was right up my alley, but my friend Karen liked it as well, despite initially being intimidated by the emphasis on hops in the description. In addition to the White Wolf we also enjoyed the Blonde Hunny (duh), and the Area 151, a Belgian style Blonde Ale brewed with raspberries. If only my partner in all things beer (Maddy) had been there too!


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