Home Tasting, Take Two

To keep the festivities going after our night of superb entertainment we built a 6-pack at Market Street Wine Shop on Friday and did another home tasting.Image
We selected a wide variety of beers to taste, including a summer wheat, bourbon barrel stout, and two pumpkin ales. As every happy hour should ours featured fabulous company (our friend, Allison) and yummy apps.

We took notes as we tasted to aid in our descriptions. Here’s what we thought!

Hop Sun Summer Wheat- Lakewood, NY
Maddy: Refreshing, wheat Corona, good with lemon or citrus.
Rachel: Refreshing, good with Mexican food or for day drinking.
Allison: Light, definitely summer beer, bottle says it’s seasonal.
Consensus: A beer for everyone, light and easy to drink.


Victory Golden Monkey- Downingtown, PA
Maddy: Unique, Starr Hill Love-ish, 9.5% HALLLLOOO.
Rachel: Flavorful, appetizer beer.
Allison: The bitterness grows on you, would go well with fried food.
Consensus: Easy to drink despite high alcohol content. Unique flavor that was enjoyed by all.


Hoppyum IPA- Winston-Salem, NC
Maddy: Brewing company has great reputation. Not heavy, would be good with most food. Better the more you drink.
Rachel: Not as bitter, like a Pale Ale,  good with pizza or burgers.
Allison: An IPA for those who don’t like the bitterness of IPAs, pizza beer.
Consensus: An IPA to ease in non-IPA-drinkers, but can still be enjoyed an IPA afficianado.


New Holland Ichabod Pumpkin Ale- Holland, MI
Maddy: Light, new favorite pumpkin. Thanksgiving beer, just the right amount of pumpkin
Rachel: Smells delish, can you say pumpkin spice latte? Eat with oven roasted root veggies.
Allison: Not overpowering pumpkin flavors, hints of cinnamon, nutmeg. Perfect fall beer.
Consensus: Overall winner of the tasting, enjoyed the most by all three. Add this to your Thanksgiving menu along with mashed potatos and green bean casserole.

Dogfish Head Punkin Ale- Milton, DE
Maddy: Easy to drink, starter pumpkin ale, semi-sweet.
Rachel: Sweeter, but still spicy. Booster seat pumpkin.
Allison: Sweeter but not too sweet, hints of spice. Pumpkin isn’t overwhelming. For her easier to drink than #4.
Consensus: A pumpkin beer for sweet beer lovers..with just a hint of spice.


New Holland Dragon’s Milk- Holland, MI
Maddy: Very vanilla, not a stout person but for sure grows on you. Caramel and dark chocolate to pair.
Rachel: More bourbony than I remember, would go well with dessert, boozy.
Allison: Can taste vanilla 100%, dessert or rich food to go with this, very complex. Feels a little like a mixed drink.
Consensus: A bit too bourbony for our tastes, probably not something we’d get again.



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