Fun. + New Brews

We saw Fun. and Tegan and Sara in Charlottesville this past Thursday and also incorporated some new beers into the night.


We started the evening at Skybar, where Maddy got her Agave wheat fix and Rachel enjoyed the New Belgium Blue Paddle. The bartender aptly described the Blue Paddle as a “hoppy pilsner,” which hit the spot on a warmish, end of summer afternoon. The crispness of a cold pilsner was refreshing while the hoppy notes were a reminder that fall/IPA season is right around the corner!


At the concert Rachel’s first beer was a forgettable IPA, and Maddy had the Starr Hill Jomo. The Jomo is a hoppier lager, but not overwhelmingly so, and it definitely isn’t hoppy enough for Rach 😉 With a slightly bitter aftertaste, the Jomo is refreshing and easy to drink. It isn’t our favorite offering from Starr Hill, but if you like’s worth a try.


The concert started out strong with an amazing performance by Tegan and Sara. Literally every song those babes play is catchy! We both agreed that it felt like we got two concerts for the price of one. This was Rachel’s second time seeing Fun. in Charlottesville. She saw them at The Jefferson Theater last Spring right when “We Are Young” was becoming a full blown sensation. Maddy was a little (only slightly) wary of how much she would enjoy the concert. She was a diehard fan of the Format, and hadn’t been able to get into Fun.’s very different sound. Halfway through the second song though, she was converted. Fun. sounds just as good live as they do recorded, and the band members have such chemistry and energy. It was a truly incredible concert for both of us..and we’re dying to see them again.


Between acts we decided to try Starr Hill’s Pumpkin Porter. This is one of Starr Hill’s seasonal brews and is now Maddy’s favorite pumpkin beer. If you’re someone who typically finds pumpkin beers too sweet, then this is the one for you! This porter has only a slight pumpkin taste, with a strong coffee flavor and hints of chocolate. Maddy found it extremely easy to drink for a porter.


After the concert, we headed to South Street Brewery for beer and appetizers. Instead of going with our old standby, the hefeweizen, we decided to try the Hop Harvest Ale. Rachel had yet to find a beer at South Street that satisfied her love for hops, and was pleased to discover that the Hop Harvest is up to the job. From its deep amber coloring to its bitter, yet surprisingly floral flavor, it was the perfect end to an evening filled with our two favorite things: music and beer.


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