End of Summer Beer Tasting: A Tribute to Wheat Beers

For our wheat beer loving mom’s birthday we decided to do a surprise tasting featuring some of our favorite wheat beers and a few wild cards that we thought she would like.


First up, our wheat beer discovery of the summer: Breckenridge Agave Wheat. Maddy loves anything with the words “agave” or “nectar” in the title so when we saw this on tap at Commonwealth Skybar we had to try it. The Agave Wheat is a perfect happy hour beer: refreshing, slightly fruity and not too syrupy despite the agave component.


The Star Hill Love is one of our mom’s favorites, and our second favorite hefeweizen after South Street Brewery’s.  Although we prefer it on tap, it’s almost as delicious right out of the bottle. Being a hefeweizen it has a slightly more yeasty flavor than other wheat beers. Perfect with an orange or lemon, the Star Hill Love can be enjoyed by wheat beer lovers and those who don’t consider themselves to be “wheat beer people” (Rachel). 

 Our second hefeweizen is from Shiner, Texas and was the surprise winner of the day. Rachel had a few Shiner beers when visiting a friend in Austin this summer and tried the hefeweizen once back in VA. The Shiner Hefeweizen is crisp and flavorful with tastes of citrus and honey. Both mom and Maddy agreed that it was their favorite of the tasting.


The Rockfish Weiss, another delectable Charlottesville offering, won Rachel’s heart. We first had the Weiss during brunch at Blue Mountain Brewery and were pleased to discover that it’s just as good bottled. It’s definitely thicker than the first three but still has the fruitful, citrus flavors and is just as drinkable and refreshing. Rachel wanted to knock back a few more of these bad boys, but alas we only had one of each…


Now for the wild cards.

The Leffe Blond was recommended by the guys at the Cellar in Blacksburg. When we asked for a description they kept talking about how unique it was but struggled to articulate exactly what they liked about it…which obviously convinced us to buy it. Hailing from Dinant, Belguim the Leffe Blond has a slight flavor of banana with a hint of bitterness. We enjoyed this beer, but overall, not something we would seek out again.

The second wild card is one of Rachel’s favorite beers of all time, La Fin Du Monde. La Fin Du Monde is a rich, complex, tripel with a boozy aftertaste. Careful with this one, despite its 9% ABV it’s incredibly smooth and drinkable, which can be a dangerous combination 😉 A truly phenomenal beer.

The Schlafly Pumpkin Ale came highly recommended by several different beer enthusiasts so we decided to give it a shot. This was the first pumpkin beer Maddy had ever tried, and she felt it was a little too sweet for her taste. The Schlafly has the sweetness of pumpkin pie, but with a mild spice component to balance the sweet. If you are someone who enjoys sweeter beers, this is the pumpkin ale for you. Find it on tap, order some appetizers, and enjoy this seasonal fall brew. Farewell, sweet summer!



2 thoughts on “End of Summer Beer Tasting: A Tribute to Wheat Beers

  1. Amazing account of one of the most memorable birthday afternoons of my 54 year old life 😉 Wish you had been here too, Allison!!

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